About US

Alborz TurboCompressor Co. (ATC) is among leading companies in the field of design and manufacturing of major mechanical components and parts for Gas and steam turbines, axial and centrifugal compressors, as well as maintenance of those equipment exclusively used in oil, gas, refinery and petrochemical industries. ATC is being able to utilize its advance knowledge of design and engineering alongside the cutting –edge fabrication capabilities to manufacture and produce most complicated and unconventional parts required for various models of turbines and other rotary equipment that are mostly being used in Oil & Gas, and Petrochemical industries. At ATC, we are able to employ all the capabilities with team work to furnish fresh ideas and feasible solution for the problems our clients face, whether it’s blade fabrication for a 30 years old steam turbine using reverse engineering, or designing a new procedure for machining ultra-high-speed step up helical gears. We are beside our clients in all steps of the way, trying to offer the best answer in the shortest time possible.

Being a fully private company, ATC’s nimble manufacturing capabilities helped it to be one of the few very successful firms in the field of rotary equipment in the region. This is achieved by relying on regional professional and skilled personnel, as well as accumulated experience from developing and delivering projects, with state of the art quality, competitive price, and fast delivery time.

our advantages

Responsive Delivery Time
Because clients need their equipment to be in operation at no time, ATC’s nimble manufacturing procedures and capabilities enable it to deliver contracts with top of the line quality at the shortest time possible.
Competitive Pricing
At ATC, we rely on an innovative and specialist team that works toward advance solutions for proposed client’s problems, with one eye always on cost.
Continuous support
We are along with you continuously to improve the performance of your rotating equipment and reduce your overall costs of operation. We consider all of our clients’ feedbacks to offer flexible services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Mission statements

Thrust worthy
To be a trusted name, when clients need rotary equipment services.
Customer Satisfaction
Satisfied customers are the only testimonials to our hard work. We made it our mission to keep all clients satisfied to their fullest.
Quality Improvement
We always try to improve quality of our services and products through feedback from customers, and continuous disruptive
Services provided by the professional team of ATC for redesign and manufacturing of two Stator Carrier section of our Dresser Rand® Power turbine unit resolved the cracking problem and we can have continuous operation is hot seasons now.
Gears manufactured and installed on our high speed power transmission unit at RagSefiid field has lower vibration and temperature levels comparing to the OEM unit from Philadelphia Gears®, USA.